Sabotage is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed rappers in brazilian music. Despite an unfortunately short career and only one album released, “Rap é Compromisso”, in 2001, Sabotage became a superstar and a myth. “Rap is a commitment”, says the name of his album: it’s at the same time a warning and a personal belief. Luckily he left a second album recorded before his death, self-titled “Sabotage”. The album reached huge milestones as a Spotify Global Viral “Album of the Year” and “Best Production” in Brazil. After these amazing results, Spotify Brazil developed the project “Neural” with Artificial Intelligence to create a new lyric by Sabotage that was recorded by RZO (longtime partners from the artists).

Through rap, Sabotage’s commitment was to expand the horizons of the genre in Brazil, drawing attention to the problems and social reality of the Periphery. Before him, rap didn’t have much space on TV, on radio, or in the press. After him, brazilian rap entered a new phase: it went out of its previous niche condition and became a popular genre. As a result it opened doors for new talents that followed his footsteps.

Current rap superstars like Criolo, Emicida and Karol Conka constantly name Sabotage as one of their main influences, even citing him in their own songs. Sabotage died in 2003, two months before his 30th birthday. Legends may fall asleep, but they never die.